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Union TV Universal Remote Codes & Program

Have you bought a new universal remote control and tried connecting it to your Union TV? We have updated all the latest Union TV universal remote codes for you to program and operate your Union TV device. All types of Union TV codes, such as 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit, are listed here, so you can choose a code from the list and program your device & remote together. Also, with this, we have given remote programming instructions with complete steps that help you to program your Union TV and remote control perfectly.

Union TV Universal Remote Codes List

For the newer version of your Union TV brand, you may need 4-digit Union TV remote codes. You can choose the code from this list for your device brand. The below programming method works perfectly for your remote if you are using 3-digit codes. And if it doesn’t work, keep using the alternative codes & methods.

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How To Program Union TV Universal Remote

Here are all the methods to program your Union TV and favorite remote control. Follow one of the programming instructions appropriately or try the alternative ways if one doesn’t work until your remote & device connect successfully to operate. All these instructions are used only for the Union TV remote control setup.

  1. Turn on your Union TV you wish to operate with a universal remote.
  2. Keep the remote at the device sensor and press the “SETUP” button on the remote until the LED light lights up.
  3. After this, touch the “TV” button on the remote to continue the setup.
  4. Now, enter the code to connect the remote to the device.
  5. The LED light goes off after you enter a code.

Now, test your remote to control the device. If the device responds to the remote control, you have set everything correctly. If it doesn’t respond, you will need to start the programming from step 2 and use another code until your remote gets a valid code, or you can try an alternative method.

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