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Jensen TV Universal Remote Codes & Program

It would help if you had Jensen TV remote codes to operate a Jensen TV device with your favorite universal remote control. So if you are searching for DirecTV, GE universal remote, or any other type of Jensen TV code, this platform may be helpful.

If you want to program your universal remote with Jensen TV, follow the various methods and instructions given here. Also, see the Ace smart TV universal Huayu remote code setup to get enough knowledge about remote programming.

Use the below given remote codes, which are 3-digits, 4-digits, and 5-digits, and of GE universal remote according to your universal remote brand and device compatibility.

If you own a GE universal remote, don’t waste time trying other remote codes; check the specific GE codes available here.

For the latest version of your remote brand, you need Jensen 5-digit universal remote codes available below.

How To Program Jensen TV Universal Remote

Programming methods are described based on the universal remote type and version to connect it to the JensenTV. You can try all the below codes until your remote gets a valid code. 

  1. First, switch ON your device, like your Jensen TV, that you want to operate your Universal remote.
  2. Please turn ON your remote and then press the device button of your Jensen TV for 3 seconds only.
  3. There is an LED light that blinks and gives you the indication that your device is ready to program.
  4. Now point your remote towards your Jensen TV, and then click on CH+ & CH-.
  5. The universal remote will give you the signal of ON/OFF. So, press the UP or Down key once the TV turns off.
  6. It’s time for the verification by pressing the POWER key. Now your device gets ON.
  7. In the last step, if it starts, try to change the channels to verify whether the remote is programmed correctly or not.
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If you find any issue with the above remote codes, try the alternative methods available on this website. Share your feedback about this article. To boost our user experience, we also accept new working universal remote codes via comments and post them here to help other users looking for the same remote codes.

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