Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes & Program

Have you purchased a Hyundai universal remote 553014 or any similar model? And now searching for hyundai tv remote control codes to operate your device and favourite universal remote together. This platform is a perfect place for all of you to get your universal remote codes & programming instructions.

You must need Hyundai tv remote code for programming universal remote control for your TV.  Just follow the below given programming method with steps and you will easily program your Hyundai tv with universal remote control. Make sure which type of code your universal remote accepts else you need to try using every code until your remote programmed.

Hyundai TV Universal Remote Codes List

Below are the hyundai tv universal remote code of 4 digits to program your remote control. Find out which type of code your universal remote accepts, mostly older version of remote accepts 3 digit universal remote code that you can get from here. For the newest version of your universal remote you need 5 digit remote codes that are available here.

How to Program Hyundai TV Universal Remote

Most of the universal remotes those support Hyundai tv, use this below given process to program their device remote control. So follow this process and if it doesn’t program your remote then try using the alternative ways those are also given here. After successful programming remote your device will work perfectly with your universal remote.


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