GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA Home Theater

The RCA home theater device has many functions for controlling audio, noise cancellation and a lot more that can be controlled with their original remote. But if you lost or damaged your original remote then still you don’t need to worry. You can program a GE universal remote with your RCA home theater device. GE universal remote codes for RCA home theater can used to program a universal remote to operate the RCA device.

All In One GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA Home Theater

  • 0449
  • 0920
  • 0453
  • 0879

GE Universal Remote CL3, CL4 and CL5 Codes for RCA Home Theater

  • 0003
  • 1316
  • 0486
  • 0626
  • 0955
  • 1165
  • 1645

Our article helps you in finding the correct GE universal remote codes for RCA home theater. Also, you can find remote programming methods & step by step instructions for programming here.

GE Universal Remote Programming For RCA Home Theater 

You can simply program your remote with RCA home theater now. I will give the best ways to program your remote simply. You have to follow a few programming procedures when you are ready to program your remote. 

1). Turn on your RCA home theater and make sure that your remote batteries are new.

2). To prepare your remote to SETUP mode locate the remote to the device and press and hold the “SETUP” button for a few seconds. You can notice the signal LED flashes and remains on. It means that your remote is ready to program with your device.

3). After this, find the device button( For example TV, DVD, AUDIO) on the remote and press it once. 

4). Now enter the four-digit key code from this article or choose from a user manual that comes with your GE remote. 

5). Signal LED turns off after code entry. Locate the remote to the device and press the power button for five seconds. If your device responds to all commands that are given by you is all set properly.  Repeat the same procedure until step-4, if your device doesn’t respond.


In a few cases, your device may not respond to a single attempt of the program. Then you have to repeat the procedure with a different code. Instead of this procedure, you can use the auto code search method also.

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