Funai TV Universal Remote Codes & Program

If you guys have recently purchased a Funai TV universal remote control and didn’t aware of the funai universal codes to handle your TV then our recent post might help you. We provide you the easiest process & programming instructions to program funai remote codes for your tv using codes like 3 digit code, 4-digit, and 5-digit universal codes.

Here we have listed down funai tv codes of all the available types that you can use to program your remote control and TV together with the appropriate methods. If one remote code doesn’t work with your device then try the same process again by using another code from the list and try until remote control programmed successfully for your device.

Funai TV Universal Remote Codes List

For all the funnai TV devices that accepts four digit remote codes for universal control, you can find the funai universal remote codes list here with all the updated codes. If your funnai TV requires three digit code for universal remote then try using the code from this below given list. Choose the five digit funai tv codes from the below list and program your universal remote control with easy to go access.

How To Program Funnai TV Universal Remote?

There are mainly three methods by which you can program your Funnai TV universal control. All these processes are very much similar to each other but you need to keep following the steps carefully so that your remote can be programmed successfully. Also, you need to use some codes from the given list that works perfectly for your device.


We hope our funnai tv code list and this article may help you a lot to program your remote control. If you are missing any code here or want us to add new universal codes to our list then let us know via comment or contact section. This may help us to improve our site and serve you better.

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